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AmeriPharma Specialty Care partners with industry leaders, innovators, consultants, patients, doctors, manufacturers and insurance companies to create a complete specialty pharmacy network. We streamline our patients’ specialty pharmacy experience with unmatched full-service convenience.


We offer patients personalized assistance with complex health conditions to help them navigate and manage medications and treatment programs. We assign a patient care coordinator to each patient for the entire course of their treatment.

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We help manage patient information and provide access to new treatment, research and product education. We’re always available to help. Our pharmacists and technicians are ready to answer your questions or concerns anytime 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

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We keep track of the latest advancements, as well as strictly adhere to manufacturer delivery instructions. Compliance, patient education and follow up records are important parts of of our continuous process with manufacturers to monitor, analyze and optimize specialty therapies.

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Insurance Companies

Our commitment to professional integrity, heightened levels of compliance, and diligent record keeping exceed the requirements of many insurance providers. We work to facilitate coverage and help patients adhere to their treatment plans, as well as work on growing our insurance provider network.

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AmeriPharma Specialty Care makes complex medication therapies easy.

With cutting­ edge technology, the latest research and intensive training, we provide personalized attention and comprehensive consultations to help our patients better manage their conditions and improve the quality of their life.

Care and support

We listen to our patients and their physicians. We guide, assist, educate, and follow up with patients every step of the way, so that they can stay on track with expert advice and information crucial to their treatment plans and to achieve optimal treatment results.

Cutting-edge technology

We incorporate the latest technologies and industry developments, from hardware to software, in order to improve accessibility and maximize operational efficiency. Our technologies and solutions simplify even the most complex therapies in order to remove any possible stress.

Fast and reliable delivery

Medications are sent directly to patients. Our logistics department is well trained, experienced and highly qualified for accurate and timely delivery of even the most demanding prescriptions. All medication deliveries are guaranteed to be in strict compliance with manufacturer and prescriber recommendations.

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From provider to patient in record time

The process of organizing and receiving specialty medications is simplified and streamlined with our time-tested system and procedures of operation. AmeriPharma Specialty Care manages the entire process, from ordering to delivery of specialty medication while keeping patients up-to-date.

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    Your doctor sends a prescription directly to AmeriPharma Specialty Care.

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    AmeriPharma Specialty Care verifies the prescription and confirms your health information.

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    Prior Authorization.

    AmeriPharma Specialty Care coordinates with health insurance companies to arrange prior authorization if required.

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    Financial Aid & Assistance.

    If needed, AmeriPharma Specialty Care investigates additional financial assistance.

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    Your prescription is delivered right on schedule, directly to you.

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    You receive ongoing treatment advice, education, monitoring and support.

AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US. We are fully licensed and able to extend our pharmacy services in the areas marked in blue in the map below. All residents and guests of the below-marked states and US territories are welcome to request our care. As we are constantly growing our network, please contact us for the most up to date coverage information and if your state is not marked below. Regardless of where you live in this great nation of ours, be confident that We Care!




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