Customized Packaging & Delivery

How we deliver

We have a dedicated and professional logistics department with extensive experience and background in transportation, delivery and automotive industries. We deliver in strict compliance with the specific requirements of the particular medication and we always deliver directly to the patient on time. Depending on location and timing requirements, deliveries are performed through AmeriPharma’s delivery fleet or through recognized courier services. Our systems allow for all orders to be processed quickly and accurately assuring that your order always arrives on time.

FastPak EXP: An easier way to take your medication

Our packaging solutions are individually tailored to each patient’s exact need on a per dose basis. Easy and safe, FastPak EXP Strip packaging even works for multiple prescriptions in a single pack, making taking medication practically fool­proof.

Each pack clearly lists the patient’s name, date and exact time to take the medication. This unique system means that patients will always know if they have taken the right medication at the right time, or if a dose has been missed removing all doubt and confusion.

Quality medication, custom­ packaged medication systems and medical supplies are always in stock and ready for fast delivery from our facility in Orange, CA.




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