At AmeriPharma Specialty Care, we take a high­-touch approach to our service. We promote continuity of care by improving the coordination between patients, doctors, manufacturers and insurance companies. We also encourage open lines of communication and ongoing collaboration between each patient’s doctors and caregivers, and we always have first­-hand knowledge of our patients and their needs.

Our service includes regular follow-­up calls and services relating to the following essential components, which form an integral part of our advanced care model.

How we help payers

  • Patient management and careWe offer personalized patient care - including individual care plans, support for side effects patients may experience, and a specialty pharmacist available 24/7 by phone to answer any questions. If a medication or treatment is not producing the desired results, we actively collaborate with all members of the patient’s health­care team to look for suitable alternatives. We work on a case-­by-­case basis to guarantee that each individual receives the optimum amount of attention, time and care.
  • Adherence to treatment plans & complianceThe complexity of medications and treatment plans can be key factors in patient non-compliance. We provide the highest level of support and follow-up to our patients, helping ensure treatment plans are fully adhered to. If inadequate adherence is noticed, we address the cause with the patient as well as let the provider know. We reduce unnecessary costs and spending by acting as the eyes and ears for payers.
  • Patient advocacy At AmeriPharma Specialty Care, we do more than just provide medications. We’re strong supporters of patient advocacy. We provide expert assistance and guidance to help our patients manage complex conditions, whether it be assistance with obtaining financial aid or simply someone to listen to thoughts and concerns.
  • A team of expertsOur Pharmacists maintain the highest level of expertise through continuous education, research and training. Our team also includes specialized infusion experts (both pharmacists and nurses).
  • Access to medicationsMembers will always have access to the medications they need through our integrated system that links patients, doctors and manufacturers.
    Before shipping any new medications, we contact patients and confirm with providers to ensure the required medication is in line with their current health plan, eliminating unnecessary medication waste.
  • Access to informationWe maintain detailed patient medication records. This allows patients, providers and payers absolute transparency of information, including access to the current status of all prescription orders. For any new prescription orders, we evaluate the patient’s current condition to determine whether the complex medication or therapy will be beneficial.
  • Cutting-­edge technologyOur customized packaging system, complete with times and dates for each dose makes taking medications practically foolproof for your members.
  • Authorization processWe streamline the process of obtaining prior authorizations for your members by working directly with your insurance company.

To get in touch with our team, please contact us at: [email protected]

AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US. We are fully licensed and able to extend our pharmacy services in the areas marked in blue in the map below. All residents and guests of the below-marked states and US territories are welcome to request our care. As we are constantly growing our network, please contact us for the most up to date coverage information and if your state is not marked below. Regardless of where you live in this great nation of ours, be confident that We Care!




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