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Full Coordination of Prescriptions Throughout Your Patients’ Treatment

At AmeriPharma Specialty Pharmacy, we care for your patients. We work closely with providers to manage patient medication regimens throughout treatment. With administrative and financial assistance, ongoing support, and online access to patient profiles, AmeriPharma offers a personalized experience that’s unmatched in the industry.

In addition to prescription filling and personalized medication management with home delivery, we give patients the option of ordering MedBox presorted pill packages that make medication easier by taking the stress out of juggling multiple prescriptions. Patients who require intravenous or injectable therapy can receive medication in a comfortable, relaxing environment when they visit AmeriPharma’s very own, state-of-the-art Infusion Center.

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Serving Patients: Easy Ordering with Nationwide Shipping

AmeriPharma offers a low cost and a high level of convenience for patients, with medication ordering by phone. Medications are delivered directly to patients within 24 hours, with faster delivery available for urgent orders. By making prescriptions easy, we strive to promote adherence and help each patient to accurately follow your treatment plan.

Serving Physicians: How We Help You Provide Better Care

Medication Delivered Straight to Patients At AmeriPharma, convenience is a priority. Send prescriptions directly to AmeriPharma through our fast and easy ordering system. We provide you with automatic receipt confirmation and deliver medication directly to the patient. All medications are delivered in strict compliance with manufacturer and prescriber requirements.
Ongoing Patient Follow-Up We are committed to providing a personalized experience to help patients adhere to medications and improve their health. Each patient is assigned a patient care representative who provides guidance during every step of their treatment, addressing patient concerns 24/7/365 and conducting follow-up to ensure your treatment plan is managed correctly. By reporting to you any prescription-related deviations and working to resolve issues quickly, we help keep your patients on track with their regimens.
Support for Providers We are committed to providing meaningful support to providers, with representatives available anytime to answer questions, resolve issues, and work with you to make treatment plan updates. By helping manage patient medication information and administrative tasks, AmeriPharma allows you and your staff to spend more time with your patients.
Access to Patient Medication Records Our well-trained patient care representatives maintain up-to-date, comprehensive records regarding every aspect of each patient’s medication history. Physicians have full patient history real-time access. Patient care representatives are proactive in delivering important information, in addition to being available 24/7/365 to follow physician instructions and implement any treatment plan changes upon notification.
Prior Authorization and Financial Assistance AmeriPharma Specialty Care’s skilled financial aid specialists work directly with insurance companies to obtain prior authorizations quickly and smoothly. We also provide thorough financial and insurance assistance, helping patients to obtain the funding necessary for prescription medication through our growing network of foundations, charities and other healthcare funding sources.
New Treatment and Product Resources We stay in touch with providers to share updates and educational materials on the latest studies, treatments, and pharmaceutical products, giving you the resources you need to stay abreast the best options for your patients.

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